Monday, June 27, 2005

I dont think so...

So, the "International Society for Stem Cell Research" has conferences every so often to talk with their members, and clear up some misconceptions people have about their practices. (see this article)

One of these misconceptions that we hold is that using embryonic stem cells is like "dismembering babies". They say that because these are groups of only about 100 cells, they dont have limbs. Now, I wouldnt mind people cutting off my fingertips for lifesaving research (If you did not know, fingertips can regenerate). The stem cells in my fingers will turn back into fingertips, but what will the embryonic cells turn into? The answer is that they will become arms, legs, a head, and a complete body. The truth is that though they say they are not dismembering babies, they are wrong. A couple cells off on the left, and let the baby develop, and maybe you did dismember them. Of course, since they kill the babies, we dont even get to see.

Legalized murder, only in the US.


Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Well said, Brad.
Murder is still murder, regardless of physical size...

3:19 PM  
Blogger nope said...

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10:32 AM  
Blogger Brad Green said...

Melissa, as much as I would love to help you, I have to say that I really dont like links posted on my blog, and I have no way of knowing if you really are who you say you are. This is why I have deleted your comment. Regardless, my blog doesnt get enough views to make a difference for you (seriously, my blog is very rarely visited). I would appreciate it if you dont post on it again unless you would like to respond to an article, in which case I wouldnt mind a one line link at the bottom.

7:07 PM  
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