Saturday, February 26, 2005

To blog or not to blog, is it a question?

I have been wondering lately what to do with this blog. I created it for the express purpose of blogging on a certain discrepency with my school over a bit of their reading material. I however, am very much interested in PDAs, and though there are many other PDA blogs out right now, I am still having mixed thoughts about what I should write about. Of course, people who are interested in this subject may enjoy reading the opinions of different bloggers from time to time. I really havent decided what my next PDA blog post would be about. I could rant about my TH-55, or I could cover something thats currently in the news now, possibly my opinion on the Cobalt OS for Palm devices. I could even do a story on where I think the PDA market is going, though little (or none), would be original thought, as I have read so much about the subject. It is most likely that I will do a rant on my own PDA, just to start off, and then maybe ill progress into more interesting topics. I guess well just have to see. Occasionally, ill probably quote the IMAO blog, as its gotta be one of the funniest out there, and everybody likes funny, right? Well, ive served the purpose of this post, a simple rant on my future as a blogger.


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